Best Mom Tip #112: Hug your kids again and again and again and ….

Schmaltzy, I know. But my very dear friend Cheryl lost her father in an accident this week and every day since then I’ve over-hugged my children. I know that it is over-hugging because they keep trying to squirm away.

I know that life is precious. I know it can change in an instant. Even so I get caught up in the minutiae of my life and I forget the big things. I get weighed down with questions about my purpose and my usefulness. I feel pointless and like I’m not really doing anything particularly interesting with my life. I wonder what I could be doing to live bigger, but I don’t have any good ideas and that is somehow even more depressing.
When I hug my children these doubts go away. They snuggle their sweet faces into my neck and I feel like the most important person in the world. I am not sure what I should be or will do with my life. Until the lightening bolt of inspiration strikes, my children’s hugs tell me that I am where I need to be. That is enough for now.

One thought on “Best Mom Tip #112: Hug your kids again and again and again and ….

  1. ianandalyson says:

    Aw, Sally – thanks so much for writing this! As a fellow stay-at-home mommy I feel the same way at times…that I should be doing something bigger/more purposeful with my life. But it's so true – THIS is where we're supposed to be at this time…investing in our children's lives and nurturing them and guiding them straight into His arms! 🙂 -Alyson (Allison's SIL)

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