Best Mom Tip #60: Don’t look back

I made the mistake of turing around once when my daughter said, “Mommy, look at this,” and now that’s the only phrase I hear. In the car. At the park. While trying to make dinner.

Yesterday it was while I was on the floor of her brother’s room trying to lower the crib mattress by myself and holding the mattresss part up by my feet.

Often my reply is “I’m driving the car and I cannot turn around right now.” This has very little effect on a 4-year-old. I am inevitably doing something like carrying a pot of boiling water or unloading knives from the dishwasher when she suddenly discovers the BEST TWIRLY SKIRT EVER that I simply MUST LOOK AT RIGHT NOW!

She is wonderful and cute–but she drives me nuts.

One thought on “Best Mom Tip #60: Don’t look back

  1. Anonymous says:

    Too funny. I remember doing the same thing to her great-grandmother. She baffled me awhile by telling me she could see with the mama-eyes in back of her head.


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